about us

Last 18 years we are in the service of providing of housekeeping services to the retail markets, hospitals, industrials, and giving the best services to entire Satisfaction of the management.

Company status:

Our Company D&P security services established at Vijayawada On 1996 for providing the security, housekeeping &pest control services.

Company reputation:

Our Company had its perfect zeal and status. Since last18 years wherever we provided the services we maintain the standards to the entire satisfaction of the management also sometimes we got the best compliments.

Staff details (Operations manager):

He served in army for 25 years and retired as a JCO, after retirement he has lot of experience in security because of he worked as a security officer and security manager with couple of units and retail markets. So, our all security units' responsibilities like deployment, training including fire fighting, monitoring and also field officer deployment and duties, under his control only.

Field officers:

We are holding well trained field officers under the supervision of opps mgr their duties to follow up the security guards unit wise and report to the concern department rep for Okaying the daily position. They used to check the night guards at least once in week, on these checks if any lapses found with any security guard he will be replaced by new guard within 24 hours.