• There is a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

    We follows 5'S

    S - sorting out
  • S - systematic arrangement
  • S - spic & span
  • S - serene atmosphere
  • S - self discipline


We shall enter into contract agreement for one year from the date of contract. The contract can be terminated by giving one month notice by either side


Last 18 years we are in the service of providing of housekeeping services to the retail markets, hospitals, industrials, and giving the best services to entire Satisfaction of the management.

We are recruiting both boys & girls who are interested in the job, providing training to them before deploying them in units.

Our Working schedule as follows

Daily cleaning:

1. sweeping
2.moping (dry &wet)
3.toilet cleaning
4.Dust cleaning
5.Freezers, refrigerators cleaning
6.Hand scrubbing
7.Glass cleaning
8.Dustbin clearances
9.Garbage cleaning
10.Canteen & dining hall maintenance
11.Office and system maintenance

Periodical cleaning:

1. Sing boards cleaning
2. Cob web cleaning
3. Fire cylinders & fire post maintenance
4. Ac decks cleaning
5. Machine scrubbing
6. Parking area maintenance
7. Lights & ceiling fan cleaning

Why We Do It Better

1. We also are providing sufficient training in first-aid and in grooming Standards to housekeeping staff.
2. We are also liable for any kind of labor issues regarding housekeeping staff.
3. Our office supervisor or field officers ensure that daily staff attendance without fail and grooming standards up to the level and the premise Maintenances time and report to the concern representative of store.
4. we are very keen in paying the payments to our staff on or before third of every month.

The following equipment we used for housekeeping

Standards to housekeeping staff.
1. Brooms a. soft / b. coconut
2. Scrubbers a. soft / b. Hard
3. Cob-web stick
4. Mops & Mops sticks
5. Dust pans
6. Plastic Buckets
7. Blowers
8. Vacuum machine
9. Air fresheners, naphthalene white, and sanicubes
10. Room sprays (lemon ludo & Air wick, Hits)
11. Acid, phenol, bleaching powder & dettol
12. Taski R1, R2, R4, R5(toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture maintainers)
13. Soap Oil, Floor Oil, Hand wash
14. Dust Clothes
15. Hand gloves
16. Thinner
17. Muck blades etc...

Our dress code to housekeeping staff

1. Saree/Punjabi dress
2. Jacket
3. Black shone with socks
4. Net hair
5. Head cover
6. Identity card